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Al Ittehad and Pyramids on 2024-07-08 in Egypt, Premier League

euro live stream Al Ittehad vs Pyramids match details

Today yacine tv 2024-07-08 meets Al Ittehad and Pyramids in Egypt, Premier League at 17:30 Egypt time.

The match will be hosted at Alexandria Stadium.

Super kora Al Ittehad vs Pyramids 2024-07-08 match info koora live

The sports commentator is commenting on the Al Ittehad and Pyramids matches within the Egypt, Premier League tournament at 17:30.

koora live The events of the match in the Arab world will be transmitted by satellite on and the match will be hosted in Alexandria Stadium The sports commentator will comment on yalla shoot  Al Ittehad and Pyramids cross-site fel3arda

beinmatch Al Ittehad and Pyramids yalla shoot

Live broadcast of Al Ittehad and Pyramids go4kora, we offer, through the koora4live website, watching the kora online match Al Ittehad and Pyramids, which will bring the two teams together, within the framework of the important round in the league Egypt, Premier League, in a strong meeting Because Al Ittehad is looking for victory at the expense of Pyramids in an important meeting, and therefore the team hopes to achieve an important positive result, and that is three important points in its career, but Villarreal also hopes to achieve a positive result, and we show through us all the details of the special With the match that will be played today 05-03-2023, koora tv as the team will resume its campaign in the Egypt, Premier League tournament كورة 4 لايف.



1Mahdi Soliman
7Hesham Salah
30Islam Abou-Salima
5Seif Teka
17Karim El Deeb
20Hany El Tamy
88Edimo Kingue
14Ahmed Adel
10Khaled El Ghandour
28Ahmed Eid
9Fiston Mayele
30Ibrahim Adel
23Fagrie Lakay
11Mostafa Fathi
14Mohanad Lasheen
7Ibrahim Blati
29Karim Hafez
21Mohamed Hamdy
3Mahmoud Marei
15Mohamed Chibi
1Ahmed El Shenawy
Al Ittehad
  • 1
    Mahdi SolimanGoalkeeper
  • 7
    Hesham SalahDefender
  • 30
    Islam Abou-Salima
  • 5
    Seif TekaDefender
  • 17
    Karim El DeebMidfielder
  • 20
    Hany El Tamy
  • 88
    Edimo KingueMidfielder
  • 14
    Ahmed AdelMidfielder
  • 10
    Khaled El GhandourMidfielder
  • 28
    Ahmed EidAttacker
  • 9
  • 4
    Ahmed GhoneimDefender
  • 6
    Mahmoud ShabanaDefender
  • 11
    Fawzi El Henawy
  • 12
    Omar El WahshMidfielder
  • 21
    Abdelghani Mohamed
  • 22
    Shiref RedaDefender
  • 23
    Amr KhalilGoalkeeper
  • 24
    Amr SalehDefender
  • 40
    Fathi Omar
  • 1
    Ahmed El ShenawyGoalkeeper
  • 15
    Mohamed ChibiDefender
  • 3
    Mahmoud MareiDefender
  • 21
    Mohamed HamdyDefender
  • 29
    Karim HafezDefender
  • 7
    Ibrahim Blati
  • 14
    Mohanad LasheenMidfielder
  • 11
    Mostafa FathiAttacker
  • 23
    Fagrie LakayAttacker
  • 30
    Ibrahim AdelAttacker
  • 9
    Fiston MayeleAttacker
  • 6
    Osama GalalDefender
  • 12
    Ahmed TawfikMidfielder
  • 13
    Mahmoud Dunga
  • 17
    Mohamed RedaMidfielder
  • 19
    Mahmoud Saber Abdelmohsen
  • 20
    Mahmoud Mohamed
  • 22
    Sherif EkramyGoalkeeper
  • 24
    Ahmed FathyDefender
  • 26
    Dodo Elgabas

Matche Card Al Ittehad Vs Pyramids

CompetitionEgypt, Premier League
Matche Date08-07-2024
Match Time17:30 Time of Cairo
Channel NameUnknown